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SHO-Unlimited is a recently established young company. The SHO-Razor is our first product, a hairdresser’s razor, with a double function and also a show element. Our goal is to develop high quality hairdresser’s tools and produce them. SHO-Unlimited consist of Hennie Mommers and Sean Vleugels who are the founders and the owners of the company.

Hennie Mommers has years of experience as a salon owner and 9 years ago he concentrates on the hair extension market. At this time he is working as creative director from She-Germany. As seminars leader he has daily contact with hairdresser’s and knows exactly what their needs are. So the idea arose to develop the SHO-Razor.

Sean Vleugels works as a mechanical engineer for 23 years now. He has experience in mechanically engineering, proces industry, plastic industry and as R&D manager. His main responsibilities for SHO-Unlimited are design, supply chain, production and quality control.

Together they will do all to satisfy their costumers and to develop unique, high quality hairdresser’s tools.